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title: "Brie Carranza's README"

Brie Carranza's README

Brie Carranza, Support Engineer (AMER) This page is intended to help others understand what it might be like to work with me, especially people who haven’t worked with me before.

It’s also a well-intentioned effort at building some trust by being intentionally vulnerable, and to share my ideas of a good working relationship to reduce the anxiety of people who might be on my team.

Please feel free to contribute to this page by opening a merge request. :rainbow:

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About me

I was interviewed by my colleague Sharif Bennet; watch the full January 2021 interview on YouTube or skip straight to my advice to my 20 year-old self and others who are new to tech.

How you can help me

[Add 5-10 bullet points on what others can do to make your life easier when working with you. Strive to include elements that are nonobvious, or that people would not typically think to ask or consult you about. This enables others to be more efficient in helping you in a way that feels like help.]

My working style

What I assume about others

[Add 5-10 bullets on the assumptions you typically hold when working with others. Strive to be as open with these as possible, so others understand your perspective when engaging with you on projects. Remember, the honesty put forth in these answers enables others to be more understanding and empathetic.]

What I want to earn

[Consider 3-5 bullets on your goals for earning things like trust and respect, or a broader understanding of new topics. This enables others to understand what motivates you.]

Communicating with me

[Consider 5-10 bullets on your communication preferences. This includes traditional styles such as verbal, textual, and visual, but you are encouraged to be precise. You can mention things like routine, availability, your travel habits, etc. This helps others understand why you communicate in the manner than you do, and it enables them to tailor their communication in a way that resonates most with you.]

My preference for communication is via GitLab TODOs, Slack or email, in that order. I am very easygoing so feel free to disturb that order at your leisure.

When discussing technical components, I will almost always say yes to hearing more detail about what you are explaining to me.


[These may be covered in the above sections. If you prefer a section devoted to strengths and weaknesses, this will enable others to lean on your areas of published expertise and offer support in weak areas without passing judgment.]

Words that are frequently used to describe me/my work:


Iteration is hard. I am newish to GitLab and am learning to iterate and assemble smaller scopes for work.

Eight months in: iteration ~~is hard~~ requires intention.